West approach viaduct to the bridge across the rowing course

Completed in 2021

The viaduct of 12 spans is formed by a spine box girder with large overhangs supported by precast struts. The deck is erected progressively; at first the spine girder is cast in a formwork suspended on a special overhead gantry with "organic" prestressing system (OPS) that eliminates deflection of the gantry; after that the struts are erected and the deck slab is cast.

Structure length

783.5 m


Western viaduct Bratislava D4R7 Bypass, Slovakia

Span length

53.0 + 10 x 67.5 + 52.5 m

Structure type

Viaduct formed by a continuous girder.

Width of the superstructure

35.0 m

Scope of work

3D Analysis of the superstructure


GPS: 48.0792059N, 17.1376667E
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