We are an independent engineering consultancy specialized in designing of bridges and engineering structures and buildings. We design elevated roads and highways, railway viaducts, urban bridges and footbridges, from concrete and steel, as well as from timber. We design both small bridges and long viaducts, bridges over deep valleys, rivers and fjords.

We are specialised in arch, shell, cable-stayed and suspension bridges and roofs. Moreover, we have vast experience in designing high-rise buildings, roofing of stadiums, multifunctional buildings and other special civil structures.

The structures we have designed can be found not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in the European Union countries, the United Kingdom, North and South America and Asia.

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We design light and transparent, environmentally friendly structures that can be easily built without disrupting the countryside. The architecture of our bridges reflects their fundamental function – to span an obstacle economically. We always try to find a solution making use of the characteristic properties of the individual construction materials, combining them in harmony so that the final structure is not only cost-effective, but also beautiful.

Our projects are aesthetic, innovative, utilising new materials and revealing the progress in the theory of design and technologies by their solution. At the same time, our structures are safe and economical, necessitating minimum maintenance. Designing such structures requires creativity, in-depth theoretical knowledge, long-time design experience and hard work.

You can found some of our structures on our old website.


New structures, structural details and technological procedures are based on our research and scientific work. We develop new structures pursuant to extensive parametric calculations, which are verified on models of the entire structures or significant details.

Many of our research projects are carried out in cooperation with Brno University of Technology. In particular, we study the cost-effective shell and arch structures, which we combine with suspension and cable-stayed systems.


We operate an accredited test laboratory with high tech equipment for static and dynamic load tests of bridge structures. On the basis of our own independent analytical model of the structure and its analysis, we prepare the load test programme.

The load test is conducted by employees with in-depth knowledge in the issues. The assessment results in an absolutely independent comparison of the calculated and measured results.


Become a member of our team and take part in prestigious projects throughout the world.

We don’t have any opened position at the moment. However, you can send your CV to kariera@shp.eu and we will come back to you.