Viaducts on the Expressway R2, Section Kriváň-Mýtná

Under construction

In the Kriváň-Mýtná section, the R2 expressway runs on two viaducts of lengths of 4,360 and 1,630 km. The first viaduct transfers both directions of the expressway on the structure, which has a similar arrangement along its entire length. It consists of a box girder with large overhangs supported by prefabricated struts. All internal supports are formed by pairs of slender walls. Access viaducts follow the 2,080 km long central part formed by cantilever structures. At lengths of 681 and 800 m, these viaducts are cast in the overhead movable scaffolding with so-called organic prestressing. First, the spine box girder is cast, then the overhangs are constructed. The height of the box girder is 3.50 m.

Structure length

681 and 800 m


R2 expressway, section Kriváň-Mýtná, Slovakia

Span length

60.0 – 70.0 m

Structure type

Viaduct formed by a continuous girder.

Width of the superstructure

27.0 m

Scope of work

Design for construction permission, detailed design.


GPS: 48.5027722N, 19.4999181E
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