Viaduct across the river Nitra in a city of Nitra

Completed in 2011

The viaduct, with a total length of 1,181 m, bridges the Nitra River, railroad and several local roads. It consists of two mutually connected parts DC1 and DC2 of lengths of 813 and 367 m. The part DC1 consists of two parallel bridges with 20 spans formed by single cell box girders 2.80 m deep. The girders were incrementally cast in the first span and subsequently launched into the designed position. The part DC2 consists of a three-cell box girder of a variable depth from 2.80 m (in the middle of the span and at the expansion joints) to 4.50 m above the internal supports. The girder was cast segmentally in cantilevers directed from piers to the mid-spans. At the point of the connection of both parts, both decks have the same perimeters and they are smoothly connected.

Structure length

DC1: 813.00 m; DC2: 367.00 m


Expressway R1, bridge across the River Nitra, city of Nitra

Span length

DC1: 28.00 – 45.00 m; DC2: 50.00 – 85.00 m

Structure type

Continuous girder structure.

Width of the superstructure

DC1: 2 x 13.15 m; DC2: 26.60 m

Scope of work

Architectural design, Checking the design.


GPS: 48.2887823N, 18.0872665E
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