Viaduct across the Likavka Creek near Ruzomberok

Completed in 2022

The bridging consists of two parallel bridges which are mutually staggered due to the skew crossing. Because the ramps are connected to both bridges, the bridges have a variable width. The motorway bridges have ten spans, the ramp connecting to the east-bound bridge consists of one span structure, the ramp connecting to the west-bound bridge has four spans. The deck of the main bridge and ramps consists of similar one‑cell box girders of depth of 2.40 m. The deck of the main bridge was cast span-by span in a formwork supported by a movable scaffolding, the deck of ramps in the formwork supported by a stationary scaffolding. The ramps are monolithically connected with the main bridge.

Structure length

392.00 m (bridge); 38.00 + 116.00 m (ramps)


Motorway D1 near ruins of the fortress Likavka, Slovakia

Span length

32.00 – 41.00 m (bridge); 24.00 – 38.00 m (ramps)

Structure type

Continues girder structure.

Width of the superstructure

14.05 – 15.55 m (bridge); 8.10 – 9.85 m (ramps)

Scope of work

Alternative design, Detailed design.


GPS: 49.1068916N, 19.3006869E
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