Tram Stop Výstaviště in Prague

Completed in 2022

The first tram stop from printed UHPC concrete was built on the edge of the Prague's Stromovka Park. The roofing load bearing structure was produced by a special robotic arm of the Czech company So Concrete by a technology of Robotic Additive Manufacturing. The stop includes a Plexiglas roof, a Plexiglas side protective wall, an information panel and a bench, well as integrated LED lighting. The design of the tram stop amplified the results of the analysis of the form finding. The stop´s structure has economical organic shapes given by a pure static action.

Structure length

8.060 m


Tram stop Výstaviště, Park Stromovka, Prague, Czech Republic

Span length

3.975 m

Structure type

Grid formed by planar curved ribs.

Width of the superstructure

2.50 m

Scope of work

Form finding, Static analysis, Structure checking.


GPS: 50.1041126N, 14.4309840E
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