Pipe Bridges and Heat Feeder

Completed in 2023

The heat pipes situated between Temelin Nuclear Power Station and city of Ceske Budejovice are transferred across the Municky Creek and wetlands on two suspension structures of the same structural arrangement. The pipelines are supported by light steel grids suspended on two, outwardly inclined suspension cables and are reinforced by external cables situated at the edges of the grids. The suspension structure has three spans with span lengths of 16.5 + 110.0 + 16.5 m, the concrete pylons have a V-shape.

Structure length

144.0 m


Heat feeder ETE – České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Span length

16,5 – 110,0 m

Structure type

Suspension structure.

Width of the superstructure

3.50 m

Scope of work

Design for construction permission, Tender design, Designer’s supervision.


GPS: 49.0739706N, 14.4351840E
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