Peter DeFazio Bicycle Bridge across the Willamette River

Completed in 2002

The bridge consists of two parts. The first part is formed by a suspension structure with three spans; the second part is formed by cast-in-place approach spans, a platform and stairs. The deck of the suspension structure is assembled from precast segments that are monolithically connected to the curved approach spans.

Design: OBEC Consulting Engineers, Eugene, Oregon

Structure length

178.8 m


Eugene, Oregon, USA

Span length

23.0 + 103.0 + 23.3 m

Structure type

Stress ribbon suspended on the cable.

Width of the superstructure

6.50 m

Scope of work

Jiri Strasky: Conceptual design, detailed static and dynamic analysis.


GPS: 44.0569137N, 123.0836114W
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Certificate of Special Recognition for outstanding use of precast, prestressed concrete components. PCI Design Award Program, November 2000.

Award of Excellence. ACI 2000.

2001 Grand prize from Oregon Consulting Engineers Council (CECO).

National Recognition Award 2001 from American Consulting Engineers Council (ACEC).