Pedestrian Bridge on Springwater Corridor Trail across McLoughlin Boulevard

Completed in 2006

The pedestrian bridge is part of a regional mixed-use trail in Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.

The structure is formed by a stress ribbon deck of total depth of 0.44 m that is suspended on two inclined arches. Since the stress ribbon anchor blocks are connected to the arch footing by struts, the structure forms a self-anchored system that loads the footing by vertical reactions only.

The deck is suspended on arches via suspenders of a radial arrangement; the steel arches therefore have a funicular shape. The stress ribbon deck is assembled from precast segments and a composite deck slab. In side spans, the segments are strengthened by edge composite girders.

Design: OBEC Consulting Engineers, Eugene, Oregon

Structure length

92.0 m


Portland, Oregon, USA

Span length

9.1+ 73.8 + 9.1 m

Structure type

Arch structure.

Width of the superstructure

4.7 m

Scope of work

Jiri Strasky: Conceptual design, detailed static and dynamic analysis.


GPS: 45.4602910N, 122.639366W
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2007 Steel Bridge Award – Merit. National Steel Bridge Alliance.