Pedestrian Bridge in Tyresta National Park, Sweden

Under construction

Pedestrian bridge, which is a part of the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail, crosses the Baltic See Bay at the Tyresta National Park. The deck of the bridge, which is formed by a stress ribbon of the length of 74.0 m and sag of 1.50 m, is assembled of 31 2.40 m long segments. The segments are supported by two external bearing cables and are prestressed by four internal cables. All cables are formed by monostrands. The horizontal force from the stress ribbon is resisted by rock anchors.

Structure length

86.0 m


Tyresta National Park, Sweden

Span length

74.0 m

Structure type

Stress Ribbon.

Width of the superstructure

2.45 m

Scope of work

Structural design, Static and Dynamic analysis.


GPS: 59.2255511N, 18.2769040E
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