Pedestrian Bridge across the Motorway D35 near Olomouc

Completed in 2007

The bridge is formed by a 79.2 m long stress ribbon that is supported by an arch. The ribbon of two spans is assembled of precast segments supported and post-tensioned by two external tendons. The arch has a span of 64.0 m, its rise is 6.44 m. Since the arch spring and ribbon anchor blocks are connected by struts and since the horizontal components of the arch and ribbon forces have the equal magnitude, the bridge forms a self-anchored structural system.

Structure length

83.0 m


Motorway D35 near Olomouc

Span length

64.0 m

Structure type

Stress Ribbon & Arch Structure.

Width of the superstructure

4.00 m

Scope of work

Design for construction permission, tender design, detailed design.


GPS: 49.5916405N, 17.1992660E
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