Motorway D35 overpasses near a city of Olomouc

Completed in 2007

The overpasses of the D35 motorway have a similar layout. The bridge structures consist of integral self-anchored strutted frames. The bridge deck of both bridges consists of a spine girder with large overhangs supported by precast struts. The horizontal components of the forces of the middle struts are transmitted by the rear struts into the end cross members of the prestressed bridge deck. Both the end cross members and the foundations of the struts are supported by drilled piles.

Structure length

74.90 m; 56.56 m


Motorway D35 near a city of Olomouc

Span length

19.50 – 30.00 m; 14.60 – 24.26 m

Structure type

Self-anchored integral structure formed by strutted frame.

Width of the superstructure

9.60 m; 6.60 m

Scope of work

Design for construction permission, Tender design, Detailed design.


GPS: 49.5893549N, 17.2006928E
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GPS: 49.6026808N, 17.2048349E
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