Kiso and Ibi River Bridges

Completed in 2001

The bridges of the lengths of 1.145 km and 1.397 km across the parallel rivers Kiso and Ibi are multi-span extradosed structures with a typical span of length of 275 m and 271.5 m. The deck of the width of 33 m is formed by a hybrid structure formed by a concrete box girder situated close supports and steel box girder situated in the centre part of the spans. The concrete girder is assembled of precast match cast segments of weight of 400 tons.

Structure length

1 145 m and 1 397 m


Motorway E1A, Nagoya, Japan

Span length

275,0 and 271,5 m

Structure type

Extradosed (Cable-stayed) bridge.

Width of the superstructure

33.0 m

Scope of work

Technical Advisor for the client - Expressway Technology Center, Tokyo, Japan


GPS: 35.0287219N, 136.7164459E
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GPS: 35.0384204N, 136.7420775E
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