Junction Rudna

Completed in 2007

The Rudna junction, which is formed by a roundabout, has five new bridges. The main spine viaduct of a length of 239.70 m consists of two parallel bridges of seven spans of lengths from 25.30 to 37.63 m. The roundabout bridges of lengths of 207.08 and 234.47 m have ramps. They have seven spans of lengths from 21.66 to 37.46 m. The 121.07 m long bridge on the eastern ramp has four spans of lengths from 21.96 to 36.29 m. The junction also includes a three-span overpass of lengths from 19 .80 to 33.40 m. The bridge decks, which are formed by spine girders with overhangs were incrementally constructed span-by-span using a stationary scaffolding.

Structure length

239.70, 207.08, 234.47, 121.07 and 73.00 m


Motorway D1 near a city of Ostrava

Span length

21.96 – 37.63 m

Structure type

Continuous spine girder structures.

Width of the superstructure

9.95 – 15.50 m

Scope of work

Alternative design, Detailed design.


GPS: 49.8098670N, 18.2066334E
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