Junction Mistecka

Completed in 2007

The junction Mistecka, which is formed by a roundabout, has five bridges. Four bridges have been built, the central spine viaduct will be constructed in future. The bridges have a complex plan geometry corresponding to letters Y and Δ; their length is up to 228.47 m. The bridges form continuous structures of spans of lengths from 16.00 to 27.00 m. The decks are formed by spine girders mutually connected by a deck slab. The bridges were incrementally constructed span‑by‑span using a stationary scaffolding.

Structure length

228.47, 171.00, 125.57 and 96.00 m


Motorway D1 near a city of Ostrava

Span length

16.00 – 27.00 m

Structure type

Continuous spine girder structures.

Width of the superstructure

10.32 – 22.09 m

Scope of work

Design for construction permission, Tender design, Detailed design.


GPS: 49.8549508N, 18.2517373E
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GPS: 49.8579227N, 18.2562217E
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