Expressway R1 Overpasses

Completed in 2011

All overpasses have a similar arrangement. They are formed by spine beams with large overhangs which are supported by single or couples of bearings placed on heads of slender piers. Typical overpasses have four spans, one overpass has five spans, another has seven spans.

Structure length

up to 164.00 m


Expressway R1 in the section Nitra – Tekovske Nemce, Slovakia

Span length

max. 26.00 m

Structure type

Continues beam structure.

Width of the superstructure

max. 10.10 m

Scope of work

Architectural design, Checking the design.


GPS: 48.2879852N, 18.0516061E
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GPS: 48.2857079N, 18.0704014E
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GPS: 48.3385215N, 18.2314359E
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GPS: 48.3335527N, 18.2694775E
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GPS: 48.3468272N, 18.3532900E
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GPS: 48.3430222N, 18.4248078E
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