D1 Motorway Viaduct near a Village of Turie

Under construction

The 588 m long motorway viaduct consists of two parallel bridges of 14 spans. The bridges, which have different widths, are formed by single cell box girders which were cast span-by span in a formwork supported by a movable scaffolding. The box girders are hinged to the middle piers, therefore the bridges form semi‑integral structural systems.

Structure length

588.47 m


Motorway D1 near a village of Turie, Slovakia

Span length

30.43 – 43.74 m

Structure type

Semi‑integrated continues structure.

Width of the superstructure

13.55 + 14.80 m

Scope of work

Alternative design, Detailed design.


GPS: 18.754416631085434N, 49.15937738476126E
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