D11 Motorway viaduct Zizelice

Completed in 2009

The viaduct bridges the rivers Cidlina and Mlynska Cidlina together with their flood area and a local road. The viaduct is formed by two parallel bridges of the same length of 525.90 m which are, due to the skew crossing of the rivers, mutually staggered by 10.36 m. The double tee bridge decks of 15 spans and depth of 1.85 m are indirectly supported. The decks were incrementally cast span-by-span in the formwork suspended on an overhead movable scaffolding.

Structure length

525.90 m


Motorway D11, Rivers Cidlina and Mlynska Cidlina

Span length

24.8 – 40.30 m

Structure type

Continuous double tee structure.

Width of the superstructure

14,725 + 14,725 m

Scope of work

Alternative design, Detailed design.


GPS: 50.1285039N, 15.4105517E
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