Bridge over the Skellefte River

Under construction

The bridge that spans the river Skellefte consists of eight king-post and two beam spans. The continuous bridge deck of a total length of 395.90 m is composed of longitudinal glued-laminated timber beams mutually connected by transverse prestressing. Struts are also assembled from similar hinge supported beams. In each span, ties, on which the deck is suspended, are connected to the central connecting hinge. The bridge deck is hinge supported on three central piers and it is movably supported on the other supports.

Structure length

395.90 m


Skellefte River, city of Skellefteä, Sweden

Span length

20.00 – 45.00 m

Structure type

Timber king-post structure.

Width of the superstructure

17.90 m

Scope of work

Alternative design, Detailed design.


GPS: 64.7470541N, 20.9430342E
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