Bridge over a rowing track

Completed in 2021

As a part of the Bratislava D4R7 bypass, a 2,932 km long bridge structure, consisting of a bridge over the Danube River, a bridge over a Rowing Track and an eastern and western approach viaduct, was constructed. The bridges, which have a unified architectural and structural solution, have a 35.0 m wide deck consisting of a spine box girder with large overhangs supported by precast struts. The bridges over the Danube and the Rowing Track were cast segmentally in symmetrical cantilevers starting at piers. At first, the spine box girder was constructed, then the overhangs were progressively cast in the travellers moving on the already completed structure.

Structure length

468.9 m


Bratislava D4R7 Bypass, Slovakia

Span length

127.5 + 210.0 + 127.5 m

Structure type

Balanced Cantilever Structure.

Width of the superstructure

35.0 m

Scope of work

3D Design of the deck and complete checking of the bridge design.


GPS: 48.0815624N, 17.1462107E
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Award for Outstanding Concrete Structures 2022 - Special Mention, Civil Engineering Structures. 6th fib Congress, Oslo.