Bridge across the Rojek Pond

Completed in 2007

The viaduct, which consists of two parallel bridges, crosses local roads, the Rojek Pond and the railway. Due to the skew crossing, the west and east bridges have different lengths and number of spans. The West‑bound bridge has 11 spans of lengths from 33.45 to 70.00 m; its width is from 15.00 to 24.79 m. The East‑bound Bridge has 12 spans of lengths from 28.45 to 69.00 m; its width is from 14.50 to 22.88 m. In the main part of both bridges, the composite deck consists of two longitudinal I plate girders and a transversely prestressed deck slab. In s connection to the highway intersection, the bridge deck is widened and additional plate girders are inserted between the continuous girders. The girders were assembled on low supports, from which the beams were lifted into the projected position.

Structure length

582 m; 580 m


Motorway D1, city of Ostrava

Span length

28.45 – 70.00 m

Structure type

Composite continues structure.

Width of the superstructure

15.00 – 24.79 m; 14.50 – 22.88 m

Scope of work

Design for construction permission, Tender design, Detailed design.


GPS: 49.8049881N, 18.2011819E
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