Bridge across the Odra River

Completed in 2003

The twin bridge has a deck formed by a box girder assembled from steel sections and a composite deck slab. On intermediate supports, the girder is supported by single supports in the bridge axis, and it is fixed in torsion at the abutments. The steel structure was erected in a progressive cantilever from one abutment to another.

Structure length

426.7 + 423.3 m


Ostrava, Motorway D1, section 4708.2 Ostrava, Rudna - Hrusov, Czech Republic

Span length

49.7 - 102.6 m

Structure type

Motorway viaduct.

Width of the superstructure

15.28 + 14.13 m

Scope of work

Design for construction permission, bid design, detailed design.


GPS: 18.234660673362498N, 49.85083152856359E
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