Bridge across the Moravka River

Completed in 2023

The viaduct, which consists of two parallel bridges, crosses the Moravka River and a local road. The seven‑span bridges are assembled of two plate girders of a variable depth and a composite reinforced concrete slab. A reinforced concrete slab is also designed between the bottom flanges of the longitudinal girders at the supports of the main spans. The girders were assembled on temporary supports, then the bottom slab at the supports was cast and finally the deck slab was progressively concreted.

Structure length

426.00 m


Highway R48, Frýdek Místek – Bypass

Span length

36.00 – 90.00 m

Structure type

Composite continues structure.

Width of the superstructure

2 x 14.20 m

Scope of work

Tender design, Detailed design.


GPS: 49.6685999N, 18.3852541E
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