Bridge across the Morava River and bypass canal in a City of Olomouc

Completed in 2008

The two-span bridge is formed by a continuous beam of a variable depth, which is fixed into the end abutments. While bridging the river is square, the crossing with the canal is skew. Therefore, the middle wide pier has a trapezoidal plan. The bridge span across the river has a channel cross-section; the edge beams have a variable dept and width that continuously widens from the center of the bridge to the abutments. The bridge over the bypass has a solid slab cross-section of variable depth.

Structure length

126.80 m


Bridge across the Morava River and Bypass Canal in a city of Olomouc

Span length

27.30 – 54.80 m

Structure type

Integral beam structure.

Width of the superstructure

25.75 m

Scope of work

Design for construction permission, tender design, detailed design.


GPS: 49.5872532N, 17.2638888E
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Bridge of the year 2008. Ministry of Transport 2009.