Bridge across the Lochkov Valley

Completed in 2010

The bridge of a total length of 425.30 m, which crosses the wide valley of the Lochkovsky Creek at a height of 65 m, is formed by a strutted frame with a span of 157.103 m. The five-span deck is formed by a one‑cell box girder with large overhangs supported by tubular struts. The box girder of a depth of 4.80 m and a width of up to 35.425 m is assembled from a steel beam of a trough section and a composite concrete deck slab. The middle span is supported by inclined concrete struts incrementally cast in a temporarily suspended cantilevers. The steel structure was incrementally assembled beyond end abutments and subsequently launched into designed position; the deck slab was concreted in two movable formworks supported by an already erected steel structure.

The project was developed in cooperation with LAP, Dresden, Germany.

Structure length

425.30 m


Motorway D0, Prague Ring Road, Lochkov Valley

Span length

Strutted frame: 157.103 m; Deck: 70,00 – 99,30 m

Structure type

Composite strutted frame structure.

Width of the superstructure

33.60 – 35.425 m

Scope of work

Detailed design.


GPS: 50.0017003N, 14.3433147E
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2013 European Award for outstanding steel construction.