Bridge across the Lochkov Valley

Completed in 2010

Bridge is formed by a strutted frame of five spans. The central span is supported by inclined concrete struts that are being cast in temporarily suspended cantilevers. The composite deck is formed by one cell box girder with large overhangs supported by steel struts. The steel portion of the deck is being incrementally launched; the deck slab is being cast in a movable formwork.

The design was prepared with LAP, Dresden, Germany.

Structure length

461.0 m


Motorway D0, section 514 Lahovice - Slivenec, Czech Republic

Span length

70.0 - 99.3 m

Structure type

Strutted frame.

Width of the superstructure

35.20 - 36.90 m

Scope of work

Detailed design.


GPS: 14.343314747145513N, 50.0017003309506E
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2013 European Award for outstanding steel construction.