Bridge across the Hrabynka Creek Valley

Completed in 2015

The bridge forms a continuous girder of 6 spans. The deck is formed by a composite box girder with large overhangs supported by pipe struts. The deck slab is assembled of precast members that are composite with cast-in-place concrete. The bridge was incrementally launched.

Structure length

327.0 m


Freeway I/11, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Span length

39.0 - 66.0 m

Structure type

Freeway viaduct.

Width of the superstructure

25.70 m

Scope of work

Alternative design, detailed design.


GPS: 18.069139181145403N, 49.88280782180783E
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Structure of the year 2017. ABF, magazines Economia a.s., and Stavitel, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Association of Building Entrepreneurs of the Czech Republic.

Bridge of the year 2015. Ministry of Transport 2017.