Bridge across Polanecka Street, Rojek Pond and railway

Completed in 2007

The twin bridge has a deck assembled from steel plate girders and a composite deck slab. The plate girders are indirectly supported by pier diaphragms. The steel structure was progressively – span by span – assembled on the ground and subsequently lifted into the design position. The deck is prestressed in transversal direction.

Structure length

588.1 + 586.1 m


Ostrava, Motorway D1, section 4708.2 Ostrava, Rudna - Hrusov, Czech Republic

Span length

28.5 - 70.0 m

Structure type

Motorway viaduct.

Width of the superstructure

15.50 + 16.00 m

Scope of work

Design for construction permission, bid design, detailed design.


GPS: 18.201181858661215N, 49.80498807938366E
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