Arch Overpass over the D1 Motorway

Completed in 2019

The deck formed by a trapezoidal slab with a length of 89.0 m is supported by a concrete arch. Since the arch footings are connected with the end diaphragms by concrete struts, the structure forms a self-anchored system that stresses the footings by vertical reactions only.

Structure length

92.2 m


Motorway D1, section 0137 Prerov - Lipnik nad Becvou, Prerov, Czech Republic

Span length

56.0 m

Structure type

Arch bridge.

Width of the superstructure

10.35 m

Scope of work

Alternative design, detailed design.


GPS: 49.4752744N, 17.4370503E
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Bridge of the year 2019. Ministry of Transport 2021.