Anita Garibaldi Bridge

Completed in 2015

The bridge of the total length of 2.80 km, consists of a main cable-stayed bridge and approach viaducts. The cable-stayed bridge has three spans of lengths of 100 + 200 + 100 m; the span length of a typical viaduct span is 50 m. The bridge deck of the main bridge and access viaducts is assembled from prefabricated, match-cast segments and additionally cast overhangs supported by precast struts. The bridge deck of the cable-stayed structure, which is suspended in the bridge axis on two 65 m high pylons, was erected in symmetrical cantilevers; the approach viaducts were erected span-by-span by overhead movable scaffolding. With respect to the deck's plan curvature, the single-column pylons are transversely braced by cables.

Structure length

2,800.0 m


Highway 101, Laranjeiras Canal, Laguna, Brazil

Span length

50.0 – 200.0 m

Structure type

Cable-stayed bridge.

Width of the superstructure

24.10 – 26.22 m

Scope of work

Quality control.


GPS: 28.434485S, 48.844113W
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